Help with Junior Girl Scouts

Help with Junior Girl Scouts

Help with Junior Girl Scout Badges at The Space Place!

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Important note!

Please see your Girl Scout books for complete descriptions of badge requirements.

Junior Girl Scout Handbook...

Space Place Activity
Chapter 7: Let's Get Outdoors
Symbol Hunt Become a Weather Wizard and learn weather map symbols.
Chapter 9: Explore and Discover
Mix it up as a Cook Make yummy Moon Cookies, Star Cookies, or Asteroid Potatoes
Computer Fun and Games For lots of opportunities for fun and games, try Spacey things to make, Spacey things to do, and Space science in action

Junior Girl Scout Badgebook...

Space Place Activity
Chapter 2: Adventures in Girl Scouting
10. Computers on the Job
Find out at least five different ways computers are used.
Five different ways computers are used:

Games: Let's Go to Mars
Printing: Print out a photograph from the Space Place Gallery
Reading: Dr. Marc's Amazing Facts
Creating: Galactic Mobile
Web surfing: Search the Space Place

Global Awareness
2. The Center of Things
Choose a country you'd like to learn about. Draw a map.
One way to do this is to make a World Map Puzzle
Humans and Habitats
4. Your Life Would Be Different If...
Pick a place with a lifestyle different from your own. What items would you have to live without?
Your life would be different if you lived on a spaceship or Mars!!
Blast off on a Mars Adventure
Dr. Marc talks about "Is There Life on Mars?"
7. Careers in Travel
Find out about two careers.
See the astronaut pictures in the Space Place Gallery.

Find out what it was like for the Apollo astronauts on the Moon.

9. Entertaining an Alien
If you a visiting alien from another planet anywhere on Earth, what would you take her to see?
(Partial credit) See the images of Earth from outer space
Chapter 3: It's Great to be a Girl
Looking Your Best
8. Create Healthy Snacks
Host a troop meeting by preparing a healthy snack to share.
Asteroid Potatoes would be a good choice!
Chapter 4: Family and Friends
Celebrating People
3. Who are they?
If you were visiting Earth from another planet, how would you describe Earthlings to the people back home?
See 3-D pictures of planet Earth and see a little of how Earthlings are treating their planet.

Go to Our Friends Share to see how some Earth people think of themselves, their future, and their place in the universe.

Read about Earthlings' quest to find out if they are alone in the universe.

1. Get the Message?
Think of a message you want to tell others. What's the best way to communicate your idea? Show or read your piece to others.
Get an idea from the "secret code" that spacecraft use to communicate with Earth
Healthy Relationships
5. Fun and Games
Make a list of six fun things you can do with friends. Do one of these each week with friends.
Visit the Space Place and try your skill at the Make and Do sections.
Local Lore
10. Focus on the Future
How do you think your community will change in the next 20, 50, or 100 years? Share your prediction for the future in a creative way.
Maybe in about 100 years we will be living in outer space!
Chapter 7: Let's Get Outdoors
Camp Together
9. The Outdoors at Night
Do one of the following, after discussing nighttime safety:
Take a starry night hike or stargaze from an open spot. Go to an area where everyone can sit quietly. Listen to the night sounds for a while, then write a poem you heard or experienced. Or plan your own activity that captures the night.
Make a Space Place Star Finder to help you capture the night.

Take some yummy star cookies with you.

Outdoor Creativity
9. Starry, Starry Night
Participate in a night watch when you are on a camp-out.
See how the earth looks from outer space day or night.
Your Outdoor Surroundings
2. Pack it up
Plan a trip to an imaginary site.
Blast off on a Mars Adventure!
Chapter 8: Create And Invent
Art in 3-D
2. Mold It Mold clay or other modeling material.
Make a World Map Puzzle
Make Topo Map
Art in 3-D
9. It's Mobile
Find out about mobiles and stabiles and create one of your own.
Make a Galactic Mobile
2. Picture This!
Select one or two picture books and do one of the following: Read the books to younger friends or Girl Scouts. Create two book covers to go with our selected books. Create your own picture book in the same style.
Make a picture book from the Space Place Gallery!
7. How to? Read on!
Become an expert in a subject by reading about it. Review the book in writing or discuss it with your troop or family.
Read about outer space, the stars and the planets.
Ceramics and Clay
1. Make It with Clay
Try two or more of the clay-building techniques below and finish at least one piece: slab work, wheel thrown pieces, modeling/sculpting in clay.
World Map Puzzle
Make Topo Map
6. Grin and Glaze It!
Decorate bisqueware (fired and unglazed ceramic clay).
Make a clay World Map Puzzle
"Collecting" Hobbies
2. Share your collection with others
Make a collection and arrange, display, or mount it so that you can show it to others.
Collect images printed from the Space Place image gallery.
Creative Solutions
9. Coded Language
With a friend or two, invent your own coded language. Write a message using your secret code. Make a dictionary that explains your coded alphabet.
Get some ideas from the Space Place--secret code of spacecraft or from the "Speaking in Phases" activity.
Creative Solutions
10. Create a World
Describe the laws you would create to achieve a new society with many different types of people.
Imagine going to Mars!
Imagine living on Mars!
Discovering Technology
1. Just for Practice
Use a software program to build or design something, or map something.
Visit the Space Place to get an idea
Discovering Technology
9. The Future Is Here
Investigate a new type of technology that looks exciting to you.
Check out the Space Place index of topics and terms for links to interesting facts and activities about new technologies
Math Whiz
1. Math Hunt
How many daily examples of math can you and your friends think of?
You need to measure to make Moon Cookies, Star Cookies, Asteroid Potatoes, and El Niño Pudding.

Here are some ways space engineers use math to compress large amounts of spacecraft data.

See how computer and spacecraft engineers use base-2 and base-16 math systems instead of base-10 like the rest of us.

Other math-related activities are on the Teacher's Page

Math Whiz
8. Make Your Own Code
Send your friend a message and see if she can unravel your meaning.
Here's a way to send coded messages by just tapping on your desk!
1. A Maze with a Theme
Design your own maze on paper. Or visit a garden or cornfield that has a maze you can navigate.
Try some online mazes to get yourself started.
2. Crossword Puzzler
Pick a topic and make up your own crossword puzzle.
Get some great ideas from the Space Place online crosswords:
LISA Crossword,
MISR Crossword,
Keck Interferometer Crossword.
9. Word Search
Make up a word search. Ask others to find the hidden words.
Get ideas from the Comet Word Find.
6. Challenge the Imagination
Create a brainteaser game, toy, or puzzle. Play it with family or friends.
Get some ideas by playing the Spinoffs Memory Game, the Match LIGHT faces with HEAT faces game, the Solar System Switch-a-Roo! game, or the Space Place Trivia Game.
7. Design an educational game
Create a game that helps someone learn something new.
Get ideas from the Star Finder game, the Solar System Switch-a-roo Game, the Fall into a Black Hole game,
Chapter 9: Explore and Discover
1. Paper Airplanes
Make and fly three different designs for paper airplanes.
Get an idea from this pop rocket.
4. Think Sky High
Visit an airport, an airplane cockpit, a control tower, a space center, an aerospace museum, or a planetarium.
Visit a Space Place Partner
6. Shoot for the Stars
Watch a space launch in person, on television, or on the web. Find out what kind of space vehicle or satellite was launched and why.
Visit The Space Place OR NASA's home page and find out what launches are coming up.
8. Space Flight Spinoffs
Find out about one of the following.
  • The infrared thermometer
  • An advanced heart pacemaker
See the Infrared Photo Album and learn about the technology used in the ear thermometer.

Play the Spinoffs Memory Game and learn about some other space technology spinoffs.

10. Women Flying Sky High
Do you have the right stuff to be an astronaut? Go online
or visit the homepage of the Ninety-Nines, an international organization for women pilots, and be sure to check out the section on "Women Pilots Today."
Blast off on a Mars Adventure
5. Fun and Games
Help demonstrate computer games and software to your troop or a group of younger girls.
See examples of computer games at the Space Place. Play Solar System Switch-a-Roo, Blast off on a Mars Adventure, Pixel This!, or Nanosat Flingman.
Globe Trotting
10. It's all Yours
Create a picture "photo album" of a geographical locale that's perfect for you.
Get some ideas and images from the Space Place. What about Mars? Find out about Life on Mars, what NASA is doing now on Mars. Also, see the image gallery.
Let's Get Cooking
5. The Perfect Egg
Create a recipe in which eggs are used.
Or, try the star cookie recipe
Oil Up
3. Where in the World?
Design a map that shows where most major oil deposits around the world are located.
Make a World Map Puzzle
Rocks Rock
8. The View from Above
Find photographs of the earth taken from a plane or satellite. Locate:
Major oceans, land areas, mountain ranges, fault lines, volcanoes, farmland, rivers, lakes and other inland waterways, other features of interest.
Visit the Space Place Image Gallery.. Also, see the images taken by the "Nine-eyed Earth Watcher."
Science Discovery
4. Can't Live Without It
Search and make a collage of information and pictures of people, things, places, and issues that are science related. Turn your collage into a poster, a book cover, or an illustration for a special event having to do with sciences.
Check out the Space Place Image Gallery
Science in Everyday Life
4. Forces of Nature
2. Experiment with water flow as a force of erosion at the beach, in a sandbox, or at a "stream table" in a science museum.
Explore photos of water erosion patterns on Mars
Science in Everyday Life
5. Science Fiction
Write a science fiction short story, skit or musical about life in the year 2075.
Get ideas from the Space Place.Is there life on Mars? Go on a Mars Adventure. Get more ideas from the Phone Dr. Marc archives.
Science Sleuth
8. Seeing the Light
Use a crystal or prism to separate natural sunlight and light created by technology. Can you record the signature of a regular light bulb? The sun? A fluorescent bulb? Are there any differences?
Go to the Land of the Magic Windows and see how the universe looks in all the different kinds of light.

Go to the visible light window to see how a prism works.

Then find out why the sky is blue.

Sky Search
1. Mapping the Skies
Learn how to use a star map. Obtain or make such a map for your stargazing location that adjusts to the time and season when you are observing stars.
Make a Star Finder for this month!
Sky Search
2. Constellations
Learn to identify at least five of the constellations seen from Earth.
Make a Star Finder and play the Star Finder game.
Sky Search
3. Direction, Please
Learn about the North Star and why it has been used for navigation throughout history. Help others locate the North Star to find two constellations or asterisms (part of a constellation).
Make a Star Finder and use it to find constellations.

Find out why we don't see planets near the North Star

Sky Search
4. Planets
Learn which of the nine planets are visible to the naked eye. Try to locate at least one of these during a stargazing adventure. If possible, use a telescope to help you see better detail. Write down what you discover
Find out some amazing facts about some of the planets.

Find out why the planets go around the sun.

Find out how scientists know the distances between the planets.

Compare the sizes and appearances of the planets.

See beautiful images of the planets.

Sky Search
7. Time for the Moon
Learn more about the moon--its phases, age, names of features, and then use binoculars or a small telescope to take a closer look.
Learn about Earth's Moon at the "Phone Dr. Marc" archives from August 2002, October 2002, and March 2003.

Also, compare our Moon with other moons in the solar system.

Sky Search
8. The Sky is Falling!
Learn about meteors, meteorites, meteor showers, and comets. Find out when meteor showers may be visible in your area. With an adult, arrange a meteor-watching party and count the number you see in an hour.
Learn a bit about comets here.
Sky Search
10. Mission: Space
Learn about a current mission in space. Follow the mission over time and visit a Web site that describes the mission and shares pictures or data.
Pick a mission to learn about from The Space Place.

Learn how pictures are recorded and sent back to Earth from space.

Learn the secret code of spacecraft!

Water Wonders
1. It's in a Cycle
Water is the ultimate in recycling. Show your understanding of the water cycle.
Learn about the water cycle and make a poster.

Do cloud puzzles and learn about the part clouds play in the water cycle.

Water Wonders
4. Life Underwater
Visit a place like an aquarium, fish hatchery, zoo, or pet store and look closely at the aquatic animals. Find three different animals that live all or part of their lives underwater.
Some of the Space Place partners are aquariums and zoos! See if there is one near you.
Weather Watch
1. Weather Maps
Learn to read a weather map printed in a newspaper. Predict the weather in your area using the maps and information given. Find out what kinds of clouds you are watching and what kinds of weather usually go with them. Then, make a cloud chart.
Learn weather terms and symbols and "Become a Weather Wizard."

Do cloud puzzles, and learn "Cloudspeak."

Weather Watch
6. Weather Trends
Find out more about global warming, La Niña, El Niño, ozone over the Arctic or holes in the ozone.
Find out all about El Niño and make delicious El Niño Pudding.

Find out what might be causing global warming, and see great 3-D pictures of Earth.

Weather Watch
7. Weather Games
Make a card or board game, a word game, or an active game about weather.
Do cloud puzzles to see one kind of weather game.

Or, how about a weather-related crossword?

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