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Partner resources

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Article of the month: November 2014

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Comet 73P/Schwassman-Wachmann 3, via NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, 2006.

Where the Heavenliest of Showers Come From

Meteor showers that illuminate the night sky periodically throughout the year not only put on spectacular shows for us, they also remind us that there is more to our solar system than simply planets, moons, and a sun. But where do the objects that make these awesome shows come from, and why do many of them occur periodically each year? Read this month's column to find out! As an added bonus, you will also get some advice on seeing a pretty sweet meteor shower coming up this December.

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Play and learn

Simple and fun learning activities to share with children.

Clues from Ancient Light—With the GALEX space telescope, astronomers know the age of a source's light by its degree of red shift. In this learning-by-analogy activity, kids arrange pictures of familiar objects by judging which is older.

Paint by Pixels—Make a picture using a technique similar to that used by many NASA spacecraft to record and send pictures back to Earth.

Make your own 2-D Flying Nanosat!

Make a Robo-Puzzle . . . Then Just Try to Solve It!

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