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Partner resources

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Article of the month: August 2014

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Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen, using GRACE data provide courtesy of Jay Famigleitti, University of California Irvine and Matthew Rodell, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Caption by Holli Riebeek.

Droughts, Floods and the Earth's Gravity, by the GRACE of NASA

You might think that the only satellite mission capable of monitoring groundwater around the world would spend its time somehow peering through the surface to measure underground water. But you would be wrong! The mission, named GRACE, is actually two satellites, and what they really do is measure subtle changes in Earth’s gravity field. What can Earth’s gravity field tell us about our changing groundwater reserves? Find out in this month’s column!

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Play and learn

Simple and fun learning activities to share with children.

Clues from Ancient Light—With the GALEX space telescope, astronomers know the age of a source's light by its degree of red shift. In this learning-by-analogy activity, kids arrange pictures of familiar objects by judging which is older.

Paint by Pixels—Make a picture using a technique similar to that used by many NASA spacecraft to record and send pictures back to Earth.

Make your own 2-D Flying Nanosat!

Make a Robo-Puzzle . . . Then Just Try to Solve It!

Cool stuff to download

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